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Write Blog Posts People Actually Read as a Dietetic Student (with a FREE TEMPLATE)

We turn to the internet for everything. And that includes questions about nutrition. Since you want to be a dietitian, I bet you want people to help people be healthy. To make healthy food choices. To trust they're getting evidence-based...Read More
You’re Not a “Top” Student Anymore (and How To Copy with That)

You’re Not a “Top” Student Anymore (and How To Copy with That)

I’m good with words…on paper anyway. So an undergrad (the first time around), I didn’t have a problem getting high grades because I had good research and writing skills.  Now as a dietetics student, in my first, basic level nutrition...Read More

The Challenges of Changing Careers to Become a Registered Dietitian (and How to Overcome Them)

You’ve decided to take the plunge! You are changing careers in order to become a registered dietitian. Hooray! While excited for this, you also know that the transition period is probably going to be..rocky. This post overviews the challenges you...Read More