Work smarter not harder.


Being a student again means writing! A lot. Use websites like Cite This for Me to help you with your references and citations. Your classes will ask for either APA or AMA style, but always check with your instructor just in case.


Getting volunteer experience is crucial to getting your internship, but you may not have time to drive out somewhere every semester. What can you do? Volunteer remotely. Here are some organizations that welcome student volunteers at a distance.

This website offers opportunities that you can do virtually. Check with your advisor on how to document remote work as volunteer experience.

This website is run by a fellow rd2be. She aims to make opportunities in the nutrition field more easily accessible to students. There are both in-person and remote opportunities available.

A nonprofit based in San Diego that focuses on promoting health literacy.

This form leads you to the signup form for EatWell Exchange, a nonprofit based in Miami Gardens, Fl. They provide nutrition education with a focus on culture.


Podcasts are great for on the go. Here are some podcasts I’ve found useful as an rd2be.

The Dietitian Project

This podcast is great if you’re looking to work as a freelance dietitian or start your own nutrition-related business. The range of guest speakers also showcase how flexible you can be in the field, so you can decide what you truly want to do with your career.

Fitness on the Fly

Exercise is one of the first things to go when we have too much to do. But, we all know the importance of exercise! I’ve found these apps to have great short yet effective workouts.


This is and will likely be one of my all-time favorite health apps. The free version offers workouts and if you buy a subscription, you have access to the meal plan. I use the paid version because I like their quick, easy-to-make and healthy recipes.


DownDog has a few versions of their app, but I’ve only tried to barre workout one. This is a paid app, but if you like barre workouts, it might be worth it. The drawback of this app is that there isn’t a substantial warm-up or cool down. Plan a few extra minutes into your workout routine so you can include these.

Are there any resources you think should be on this list?