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This is What I Learned From Writing About Nutrition as a New Dietetic Student (3 Lessons)

The same message is circulating amongst fellow registered dietitians to be.  “Provide quality, evidence-based nutrition advice that will genuinely help people live a better, healthier life.” Thanks to encouragement from current registered dietitians in the field, many dietetic students, including...Read More

Why You Should Care about the Source of Your Nutrition Information

Did you know that the Eiffel Tower was sold by a conman…twice? His buyers surely thought that whatever Victor Lustig, posing as an official from the French government, told them must have been reliable information. In school, many of us...Read More

What is a Balanced Meal?

The terms “balanced eating” or “balanced meal” have been around the block a few times, and yet, we are still questioning what “balance” is. I attribute this to the prevalence of fad diets, anecdotal evidence to support unbalanced meals and...Read More
Nutrition, Dietetics…Which is Better to Study?

Nutrition, Dietetics…Which is Better to Study?

Going into nutrition, one is faced with the choice: dietetics or nutrition. For me the choice was simple, I opted for Dietetics so I can become a registered dietitian. Both nutritionists and dietitians work with nutrition, and people interchange these...Read More