Become a Nutrition Professional In Your Next Career


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About Nutritionmyfood

Going back to school shouldn’t be harder than it was the first time. Now, you’ve “been there, gotten a degree” before.

But now you have:

  • career
  • school
  • volunteer or practice hours
  • home life
  • social life
  • free time (what is that again?)

Life gets hectic in the midst of a career swap, and becoming a student (again) can be…awkward.

Nutritionmyfood is dedicated to curating resources and sharing helpful experiences with anyone moving into the nutrition field. No matter if your goal is to become a dietitian, a nutritionist or the social media manager for a nutrition & wellness brand. From student success tips and opportunities within the nutrition field to time management and life woes, you’ll find it all.

What Can You Learn On This Blog?

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Study and Student-Life Tips

A career in nutrition sounds great until your neck deep in science courses. Especially if you don’t have a science background.

I cover how to study subjects like chemistry, how to study online (without losing your mind), and experiences on managing expectations (because chem, org chem and biochem are hard).

Time Management Hacks and Strategies

The lifelong less we will never escape. If you want good grades, 8 hours of sleep and your life still in tact afterward you graduate, embrace time management.

How to Get Relevant Nutrition Experience Remotely

If your goal is to become a dietitian or other health care provider, you need work experience. Remote work is your friend.

Learn about where to find experiences and the skills you need for those experiences (like blogging).

definition of a dietitian

Careers in Nutrition

There are a ton of career options in the nutrition field. Learn what options are available and how to pursue them.