You don’t need to sip $8 detox teas and snort creatine to eat healthy.

You just need the right skills and simple information (in the right context) to have good nutrition.

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    What Nutritionmyfood is (all) about

    Good nutrition looks like a luxury.

    “It’s simple. Just eat healthy things”

    That cost over $100 in groceries.

    Darn that avocado toast!

    But like it shouldn’t be that hard to eat healthy…

    Fruit, veg, no junk food. Simple!

    Well…if it’s so easy, why aren’t we all healthy?


    Sure we know there are tons of reasons we can’t control.

    And those matters.

    But people feel embarrassed to be (full on) adults…staring into their fridge…wondering…

    How do I eat healthier?

    It’s really not that easy. So you’re not dumb.

    • You have a labyrinth of social media trends
    • $100+ grocery lists for those “healthy meals” (you don’t want to eat anyway)
    • news reports of studies taken out of context
    • and everyone (and their mother) shoving nutrition ideas down your throat

    No big deal!


    RIGHT??? 👀

    It’s enough to make you close your phone, lay down and “deal with it later”.

    You see, the thing about nutrition is that the science is never settled (if you’re doing science right)

    So you’re going to get an overload of information.

    But with the right skills and the right foundation, you can stop the head scratch (and make your nutrition simple).

    That’s why Nutritionmyfood exists– to give a nice lil cheat sheet so you’ll never wonder “can/should I eat this?” again.

    Because nobody’s got time for that

    (Nutritionmyfood also exists to put my nutrition degree to use. Because student debt ain’t no joke 😂).